Gender Stereotypes In Video Games

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Register to read the introduction… In a game where the male is the main character females usually portrayed as helpless and needy and in most cases always need to be rescued. They are considered the damsels in distress. People may argue to an extent that there are also games that have females as the main characters too, such as the game Lara Croft, but this and other games define femininity in a very different way. Females who play larger roles in video games are portrayed extremely sexual. Since most gaming companies are comprised of mostly or all men, they portray the female characters as they would in a male's fantasy. For example, Lara Croft's body is considered grossly unnatural. She does not have the same body proportions that a woman has. Her breast and waist sizes just don't exist in real life. And this applies to practically all females in video …show more content…
These kinds of games basically teach kids how to kill. In the video documentary, Game Over (2002), Sergeant Baker explains how the U.S Military made a 30 year research on how first person shooter games effectively teaches someone to kill another person. In the military they use a live video feed simulator known as F.A.T.S, which stands for Fire Arm Training Simulator. The only difference between a first person shooter game and the simulator is that if a soldier accidentally shoots the wrong person they could be demoted or even fired, but if a child shoots the wrong person all they have to do is restart the game. A soldier may go to war and not fire a weapon for months on end, but when a child picks up a gun at the arcade or plays a first person shooter game they are going to shoot something. According to Sergeant Baker, the reason why the military uses these games to teach people how to kill is because it does just that, teaches them how to kill. They teach the mind to shoot at your enemy, and it has worked effectively for over 30

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