The World Of Gender Stereotypes

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What is a stereotype?
A stereotype is a standardised image of what someone should be like based on certain traits that person possesses. People will stereotype you no matter what, because they are stereotyped into the same ‘area’ and think you shouldn’t stray from the social ‘norms’. Or because they have been brought up to think people should be a certain way that they have seen their whole life.
Children are brought up into the world of stereotypes, whether intentionally or not, they still see and hear what is acceptable for their gender or race and what is not. These gender stereotypes could prevent young women from following with their interests and dreams of being in a ‘non feminine’ job or boys from crying and showing ‘weak’
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This can lead to males cutting their hair short as longer hair can also be seen as feminine and lots of teenage boys don’t want to be seen as girly because some think that you’re weak. This could also mean they hide their less ‘masculine’ interests and skills from their friends, teachers and even their own family e.g. cooking. Boy have a gender ‘role’ to play this means being risky to show off, strong, not showing ‘weak’ emotions or anything that doesn’t stray form the social normalities. Rask taking is thing some boys do because they don’t feel accepted and want to fit with their friends and not seem different. Girls, just like boys, can be taught from a young age what stereotypes they should be following this can be from the toys they played with, what their parents tell what to do and what not to do. Teenage girls have it just as bad, if not worse. They are stereotyped by their looks and body features into categories that can actually affect them quite badly mentally and physically. They are told to be a certain weight, not wear too much make up, be able to cook and do anything and everything to make boys feel comfortable. This means that they could grow up thinking the whole revolves around …show more content…
Other people will question what they see when they see POC breaking the stereotypes they have been brought up to believe. It can damage the views young white people have and, most importantly, damage the views young people of colour have about themselves as they begin to think they are less and have little chance at societal advancement. In America on February 26 2012 Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17 year old was shot and killed by neighbourhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman in Florida. And because he was black the fact that he was unarmed didn’t matter to the media they immediately jumped onto the fact that he was serving a suspension from school and had been suspended twice previously. They called him a thug saying things like, “Why was he wearing a hoodie if wasn’t up to no good?” and Martin was blamed for his own death because he was wearing a hoodie, in the rain. So the media and racists immediately used the stereotype that all black male teens are ’thugs’ and when they are the victims of police brutality, while unarmed, it’s their fault because they were wearing certain items or they ran away or it was self-defense or any other pathetic excuse used by the accused. Lives are being lost due to this sort of behaviour and because of this the other young black don’t feel safe leaving their own home or

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