Gender Stereotypes In American Culture

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There are many stereotypes in American culture that have been given to both males and females throughout the decades which label typical male or female roles in society and in the home. These stereotypes can effect a person from birth because of how differently a male or female is treated by family, friends, and society. Gender equality has been an ongoing issue in the American culture and the female gender has had a lot of discrimination to overcome. The stereotypes given to females have created a culture where inequality between the genders exists and social expectations guide the conception of what it means to be males or female. In the textbook, “Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity (9th ed.)” written by Spencer Rathus, Jeffery Nevid, …show more content…
Females who work in the field of broadcasting meteorology have historically and currently deal with restrictive stereotypes due to the bias of the public’s perception of what their physical appearance should look like and intelligence level should be. The term weather girl was a stereotype that developed back in the 1950’s because females were perceived to not understand science. Weathercasting was a solely male occupation until the stations used gimmicks to increase ratings which included hiring female weathercasters for their sex appeal. Carol Reed was the first women hired in 1952 and she had no qualification for the occupation. Other station followed the trend and the female weathercasters became sexualized to draw ratings (Perryman & Theiss, 2014, pp. …show more content…
They complied a list of films and television shows and used two thematic categories based on the stereotypes of intelligence and appearance. Overall the conclusion found a few themes including they were too absurd to be taken seriously and they still portray the weather girl stereotypes based from the 1950’s. This enables current day sexism of the weather girl stereotype when it is reinforced in movies and television even though female weathercasters are now educated. (Perryman & Theiss, 2014, pp.

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