Essay on Gender Stereotypes : Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls: Gender stereotypes
Gilmore girls is an American TV show built on the basis of teen pregnancy with Lorelai and Emily assuming centre stage. Of significance in the show are the themes of feminism and role of women in the family. In this light Lorelai and Emily, her mother, are complete contrasts with each taking an opposite stand in the subject. Emily takes on the role of conservatist while Lorelai is a radical in the sense that she is not only initiative and a free thinker but also is open minded and ready to play all roles with regard to raising her daughter. Emily is portrayed as a stereotypical girl who conforms to the traditional roles of women in the society. Lorelai on the contrally defies the stereotypes and redefines feminism roles by merging male and female roles. The objective of this paper is to critically analyze and demonstrate the roles of these two main characters, more so in regard to their stereotypical roles and how they either comply or defy them.
Emily is a typical traditional family woman. Besides being a house wife, she remains at home and takes care of the place, while her husband, Richard, goes to work in order to provide for the family. Besides Emily raises her daughter, Lorelei, hoping against hopes that she would learn from her and follow suit. This however, does not materialize but instead becomes just but a beginning of a series of disappointments that Lorelai was to cause her family due to the inclination she takes throughout her…

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