Gender Stereotypes, Class, Gender And Sexuality Essay examples

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Nicole Erickson, the owner of the blog Friends: Representations of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality, argues that the sitcom Friends’ main characters’ topics of conversation lead to the illustration of gender stereotypes. This could raise the question, to what extent does the variation in language used by the male and female characters in the sitcom Friends illustrate conformity to gender stereotypes? Although I agree with Miss Erickson’s claim for the most part, I would have to argue that there are a number of instances where the use of language by both the male and female characters of the show would contradict conventional gender stereotypes. Anyone familiar with the series would note that not all of the show’s characters conform to the stereotypes of their gender. Although the behavior and discourse of characters from a 90’s sitcom may seem trivial, in today’s society the roles of gender and gender fluidity area at the forefront, making this an important area of analysis.

To begin with, it is true that many male stereotypes are illustrated through the use of language of the three men who serve as half of the main cast. From Joey’s notorious pick-up line “How you doin’” to the countless conversations between male characters, filled with objectifying language about the aesthetics of females, it is clear that some of the male stereotypes are indeed conformed to in this series. Where Ms Erickson’s argument is limited, however, is the fact that these characters often stray…

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