Gender Stereotypes And The Movie ' The Film ' Essay

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There are popular culture themes were constructed in this movie represents. First, there is Stepford wives’ fashion and hairstyle such as Barbie doll. Second, Men do just sitting in a couch and chatting while women do everything like house chore and take care of their children. Third, it described about TV show which is most popular and Joanna did. The filmmaker explains his intention through the movie. There are typically not only inequalities of gender but also gender stereotypes. In generally, this resonated film shows how bias, prejudice and show them to accept without question the process. Thus, the most important thing that can change through human being, which is a man-made thing prejudice.
Furthermore, there are a few sociological covered in this course to analyze the movie. First, there is inequality gender. Man does nothing just talking about their wives how she is doing. Second, gender stratification is described through the movie. In the movie, women can’t decide or think, they must just follow their husband without free will, like slaves. According to the Adams (n.d), gender stratification, which means the level of inequality in a society according to gender and related social characteristics. In particular, gender refers to resources on the differential ability of men and women to get permission to access the number and stratification of society. As gender stratification increases, reflecting the large differences between men and women in the access to…

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