Gender Stereotypes And The Media Essay

2089 Words Aug 8th, 2016 9 Pages
For centuriesmany years, gender stereotypes have been used as a targets for comedic purposes, especially in the media. Television, in particular, is a large media source that displays a great amount of gender-focused humor, especially in sitcoms., Televison comedy has kept current with the changing role of the sexes over time; this can be seen by the trend away from portraying male stereotypes as positive and female stereotypes as negative (as was typical in the 1950s and 1960s, for example), to commonly doing the opposite todayand demonstrates its evolvement over the years by beginning to magnify negative male stereotypes. Similar to television, tThe Internet is another large media source that also displays a vast amount of gender-focused humor. Across the internet, gender-focused humor has progressed similarly to television by highlighting positive rather than negative, female stereotypes. The content of gender-focused humor has not only changed, but it has become nearly opposite in recent years. The method of gender stereotyping in the media has changed significantly in the 21st century; the content of gender-focused humor is now based more on the negative portrayal of males, rather than the negative traditional portrayal of females stereotypes, coinciding with the current modern bridge in gender gap. In the media in the 1900’s, males were almost always portrayed more positively than females, having more power, intelligence, and an overall higher status. In “Sitcom…

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