Essay on Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles

1010 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society, people are so quick to judge someone by how they look, act, or dress. Based off of that judgment, they intern relate it to the person’s sexuality. For example, if there was a male walking down the street and he had makeup on his face, most people would jump to the conclusion that he is gay. This concept relates to gender stereotyping. The conclusion that was made about the man on the street could be completely false. For instance, the man could have been in a production that required him to wear makeup. So, who are we to stereotype someone based off of how they look? I am a gender rebel when it comes to “gender roles” for many different reasons, which include the way I dress, the sports I am involved in, and my career goals. The Huffington Post wrote an article entitled, “9 Facts That Prove Traditional Definitions of Gender Roles Are Bullsh*t.” This article disproves all of Kimmel’s “Real Guy’s Top Ten List” section in the article, “Bros Before Hos.” All 9 of the facts in the news article directly deal with gender roles in today’s society. For example, in the article “9 Facts That Prove Traditional Definitions of Gender Roles Are Bullsh*t,” fact number 5 states, “Even men used to cry when they wanted to seem sincere.” (Boboltz) But then in Kimmel’s article, he states, “Boys don’t cry.” The news article quickly disproves this gender stereotype. It states, “Tearlessness, wrote historian Tom Lutz, “has not been the standard of manliness through most of…

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