Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles Essay

799 Words Nov 7th, 2015 4 Pages
What makes a man a man, and a woman a woman? There is no correct answer, perspectives will change contingent upon how a person was raised and what they were exposed to growing up. Society, over time, created expectations of both man and woman. Convictions of how a male or female should dress, talk, act, and even the occupations they should hold are all stereotypes deeply rooted into our society. As time progresses, new and younger generations create a greater number of people than before who challenge these gender stereotypes.
Stereotypes placed on gender roles can have an extremely crippling effect on an individual, making them feel inferior, victimized, and harassed. These gender generalizations has taught society that women should be subordinate to men, created gender stereotypes around specific job fields, and that women might be too emotional and weak to hold high ranking positions. The public even goes as far as feeling its ok to put pressure on a woman entering into their 30s to feel as if she is broken or a waste because she is not married with children. Although over the years society has progressed into being more accepting and working towards equality among genders, these and many other gender stereotypes are very much alive and an issue today.
After reading “Learning to Be Gendered” by Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell- Ginet, I got a much better understanding on what society accepts to be the social standard for a specific gender, as well as how gender…

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