Gender Stereotypes And Gender Discrimination Essay

710 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Gender discrimination is something that has been there since we could all remember, we have seen it all around us and to a point where it has become a norm and we are embracing it. Most young girls and boys are growing up believing that there are careers and jobs they will never get because there are not of a particular gender, the parent is advising their kids on what path to take considering the gender difference been shaped by the society even though it might not be the best. For the last 20 yrs people might have tried to break through this gender stereotype, they might not have succeeded yet but it is work in progress comparing two years before that. In the last years, we have women running for the presidency, home stay dad, women who are the scientist and many others.

There are so many forms of gender stereotypes in movies, television, and the internet but it was much more during the 80’s and 90’s. Most of the 90’s movies show that male is better than the woman, a man is considered to be strong and nothing can hinder him from achieving what he wants while we look at women they are portrayed as a weak link.

Most show that aired on the television, male characters was the greatest that aired. and the first thing that comes up in your mind after watching is all men act smart and have their life in order, have a good job. Women were not considered the best fit to report wars on the television. “War reporting is not a job for a…

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