Gender Stereotypes And Gender Discrimination Essay

1111 Words Nov 15th, 2015 5 Pages
Gender has long been a category by which society formulates stereotypes. This unit has revealed two gender related concepts that are extremely compelling. The first of these is how men are scrutinized in a similar way to women when they do not fit the masculine stereotype. The second conclusion is that men do themselves a disservice by participating in benevolent sexism. This type of sexism can easily endanger the well-being of men as well as women. These concepts have increased my understanding of how gender and identity coincide, and are viewpoints that I can personally relate to.
The general understanding of gender stereotypes in the global community neglects to truly analyze how men are negatively affected by their gender-assumed roles. The argument against gender based stereotyping often lies in some form of women’s liberation. While is a positive thing that women are being focused upon, this unit has shown that it is important to attempt to understand how stereotypes effect both men and women. Adichie writes that society makes men “feel they have to be hard” which “[leaves] them with very fragile egos” (Adichie, 2012, p. 27). This can be problematic for a number of reasons. For one, men who seek to fulfill the role of the ridged male may find themselves unable to express their feelings to others. Society tells men that their feelings should be subdued. By hiding their emotional side, stereotypical men lose empathy and the ability to communicate intimately.…

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