Essay about Gender Stereotypes : A Single Syllable Declared

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A single syllable declared by a nurse at birth hinders the entire future of individuals from the very first moment they enter this world. Be it a boy, the parents, beaming with pride, may begin to pick out shades of blue for the nursery, and fill its walls with toys trucks and army men. They dream of raising a strong and righteous man with aspirations of duty and intellect. Be it a girl, they fondle her as glimpses of the subsequent pink bedspreads, dainty dolls and adorable outfits flash in their eyes. The thought of eventually giving her away to man, leaves tears brimming in their eyes, but also comfort in that she will be a caring mother. Instantaneously, gender lays out possible paths of life, and seals off all of which do not fill the predetermined roles. Gender stereotypes are a limiting factor of society that squander the potential of individuals with restrictions, and outcast those who defy them.
Gender stereotypes are the outdated preconceptions of the status, behavior, and appearance which men and women are defined by. Gender stereotypes are incredibly detrimental notions that have been holding back our society’s collective growth and progress because they are constructs that prevent opportunities, self expression, and success. These roles are represented in literature like Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Milton’s Paradise Lost to reveal their damaging effects on society through the outcomes of characters who abide by or denounce these stereotypes.

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