Gender, Social, And Social Theorists Essay

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Gender hierarchies have been present in many time periods and cultures. Because of these hierarchies, men and women take on differing gender roles, and gender inequality is produced. Gender inequality is currently discussed by scholars from a variety of fields, but feminist historians and social theorists most commonly focus on the issues surrounding gender equality. The scholars in these fields often write about gender hierarchy and equality in a variety of time periods. While feminist historians focus more on the past, social theorists more commonly discuss contemporary implications of the gender system. Jean E. Howard, Allison Heisch, and Simone de Beauvoir are individuals who are feminist historians, and Howard and de Beauvoir also focus on contemporary feminism as social theorists. Although Howard and Heisch authored articles focusing on the Elizabethan era gender system and de Beauvoir focuses on the current situation, there are commonalities among the articles. All three of their articles describe a situation of gender inequality where women want to have the same social standing as men and masculinize themselves to achieve this.
Scholars describe how masculinity has been viewed as superior to and more powerful than femininity from the Elizabethan era through the present day. This power structure is seen in the gender hierarchies present in many cultures and societies, and various historians and social theorists have described this and attempted to explain the impact…

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