Gender, Social, And Social Life Essay

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Lorber states, “…gender is constantly created and re-created out of human interaction, out of social life, and is the texture and order of that social life” (Lorber 64). I grew up in a religious background where my parents were both Catholic at first but then converted to Christianity, so growing up I was in a Christian household, but with some Catholic ties in it as well. That being said, when I started to take this class I started to realize how my “doing gender” has been socially constructed by my religion especially when it comes to gendering and sexual orientation. When it comes to gendering I grew up in a home where you have certain expectations in the way you dress. Such as if you are a girl you should be wearing a dress or “girlie” clothes. That was how I grew up for most of my life my mom would always dress me up in some type of dress and when I got old enough to dress myself it would be clothes that only girls should. Then came a day in junior high where my best friend at the time was a tomboy and told me that wearing guy clothes are so much comfortable. Knowing my mom, I knew she wouldn’t buy me boy clothes so what I did was get my brothers old clothes and wear them. From that day on I became a tomboy and my mom was against it at first as well as my dad because whenever we went out in public I would get this disapproval look from my family members as well as people from the church. Eventually my mom caved in and became supportive of my decision to dress up…

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