Essay Gender, Social, And Gender

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In able to identify one’s gender, people categorize them. Sex and gender are in different concept, gender is more likely to describe one’s identity or the difference between man and women, gender is socially and culturally build, while sex, on the other hand, is a biological term, where they use to describe a person 's sex organ. Although sex and gender are different concepts, some use sex organs to define one 's gender, while others Panopticon, written by Michel Foucault in his text Discipline and Punish. The "panopticon" is a laboratory which behavior is being experimented and modified to have a perfect society. Panopticon can be viewed as the symbol of society where it has the authorities to divide or differentiate each individual. In his context, he mentions lepers, which is the beggars and disorderly formed the real population. Lepers symbolize individuals, who don 't have the power to identify each gender identify, which I beg to defer.

Foucault’s work about power where he described it as a positive force. In his text discipline and punish he establish about disciplinary regimes, from imprisonments and death when you don 't follow the rules. The panopticon shows how power can be a misuse to discipline. The idea of it is to ensure the disciplinary action into prisoners, “in short, that the inmates should be caught up in a power situation which they are themselves the bearers” (1979:210). Which shows how the panoptic schema of surveillance is a symbol of social…

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