Essay on Gender, Social And Cultural Roles

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There are two common words that we have always seen when filing up forms or answering questionnaire are gender and sex. The answers to those terms are usually fixed within two choices which are male and female. We often just pick an answer to identify ourselves without knowing that those two terms actually have different meanings. Sex is used to describe an individual based on their biological genitals and reproductive organs hence categorising them into two groups for male and female ( Unabridged, n.d.). On the other hand, the gender of an individual is defined based on social and cultural roles rather than the biological differences (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Therefore, gender is not restricted to only two options of male and female as it relates to various types of influences in a person’s life such as family, friends, culture, community, media and personal beliefs (Understanding Gender, n.d.).
There are many aspects regarding gender as it is embedded in our daily lives. West and Zimmerman (1987) argued that gender is not a set of traits but instead is the result of social doings. Gender relates to everything we do as it defines the way we talk, the clothes we wear, the actions we make thus it is socially constructed and is reinforced by our society. Gender identity is the sense of belonging to a particular sex (Brym & Lie, 2007). For instance, it is taught to us in the form of clothes in which boys are always wearing blue while girls are dressed in pink.…

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