Gender, Sexuality, And Sexuality Essay

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Over the course of weeks in Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies, I have come to understand what gender and sexuality define. To people in Hispanic world, it may define differently because of their beliefs and attitudes. Based on my understanding of gender’s meaning, the term means characteristics and behaviors associated with a woman or man. The term denotes the behaviors and characteristics came from how society believe how a woman or man should behave in the society. The psychologist, Rhoda Unger suggested this explanation when she wanted to categorize both gender and sex (Brannon, 2011). History has shaped how people’s attitude are formed based on the society in which they live. Some topics regarding gender and sexuality can be very taboo. For example, coming out as openly gay person is one of many taboo topics in this society because of the attitudes toward LGBTIQ+ community are contradictory. A person suffers significantly when he or she don’t receive any support from their friends, family members, or community.
Catalina de Erauso clearly demonstrated the use of the term gender when she transformed herself into a man to leave the domain of women known as a convent. After three days of transformation, she had to learn how to act like a man in her era in order to have a sense of freedom as a gentleman. The writing of Erauso showed acceptable and accurate actions of men included killing people and playing with women. It didn’t matter if Erauso was biologically a woman…

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