Gender, Sexuality, And Sexuality Essay

1489 Words Oct 17th, 2016 6 Pages
In the current state of our society, as well as in much of human history, an individual’s gender and sexuality, in addition to their expression thereof, determine much of their social standing. Men and women face vastly different realities, as do cisgender and transgender people, and heterosexual and non-heterosexual people (to whom I will hereto refer as queer individuals, as a reclamation of the slur). Exactly how separate are gender and sexuality, though, and how do they correlate? While carried by each of these facets of identity are much different implications for one’s life, gender and sexuality in all their forms are deeply intertwined. The separate groups of people who break the cisgender, heterosexual norm are even combined in one community denoted as LGBT+. The experiences one faces due to their gender and sexuality respectively correlate strongly with one another, and the social repercussions for any individual identity depends heavily on both gender and sexuality together. In other words, gender and sexuality affect human lives in a totally intersectional fashion (Hill Collins, 1998; Anderson & Hill Collins, 2010). In this paper I will address the differences in the life experiences of cis males and cis females as well as briefly touch on those of transgender folk for the sake of thoroughness. Further, I will examine the expression of the same sexual orientation for the cis genders and the same gender for multiple sexualities to examine intersectional…

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