Essay on Gender, Sexual, Or Romantic Minority?

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writers. The poll indicated that 52 percent of respondents to the study identified as bisexual, lesbian, or gay (Bury 2005). Additionally, tumblr user centrumlumina recently conducted a massive online poll of users from popular fanficton site “AO3”. In response to the question “What sexuality(s) do you identify as?”, only 29% of 4,000 of responders identified as heterosexual. Furthermore, in response to the question “Do you identify as belonging to a gender, sexual, or romantic minority?”, 53% of 9,589 responders answered yes. As a final point, though about 90% of respondents identified as fans of male/male slash, on about 30% identified as boy female and heterosexual (centrumlumina 2013). It seems that although the demographics of fanfiction readers and authors are trending away form straight and female, this change has been a slow process and is slow to reflect in academic work. Though trending away from straight and white, most academic work today suggests that slash is written primarily by heteronormative women. Slash fiction often reinforces heteronormativity and gender role norms, while seeming to subvert them. In “Queer as Folk and the Trouble with Slash” Hunting points out that in our heteronormative culture, the ability to reproduce and the fixation on raising and rearing children is often an unquestioned good and expected of any “normal” couple, slash or otherwise. Mpreg stories, common to the slash genre, reinforce an idea linked with heteronormativity, the idea…

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