Gender, Sex And The Media Essay

1086 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
Gender, Sex and the Media The media source that I chose to sociologically analyze was magazine covers. I split these into categories so that I could really see the differences and similarities in each type of cover. I was looking to see the stereotypes as well as looking for how the picture is affected by power, structure and culture. Also I was searching to see if these magazine covers depicted the certain genders in a positive or negative way and how the media represents each gender.
The first category of magazine covers I studied was fashion magazine covers. When I searched for these on Google, only women came up on the covers so I had to search men fashion magazine covers to be able to compare the two genders. First off, there were many similarities between the two genders in this type of magazine. Both genders were dressed professionally or in a certain style that was considered stylish. Second, it is easy to tell that the photos were edited and made to look perfect, along with their hair and make up. Lastly, almost all of the models had a certain serious that made them look more professional and deserving of being there. For the differences, I feel like the women were dressed to show a little more skin and seem sexier while most of the men were dressed in suits or business casual type clothing. I also noticed that with the women’s magazine covers, there were significantly more words around their body or face and I feel like this is because the creators of the…

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