Gender, Sex, And Gender / Sex Roles Between Sexes Essay

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Sociology 100

Reflection Essay: Week Three

Chapter eight extensively describes how gender, sex, and gender/sex roles between sexes were all shaped and how they are all viewed by each person in today’s society, as well as how they were viewed when theories about them first came out. Chapter eight goes in depth with the concept of gender. Conley describes gender as a social position, or “ a set of social arrangements that are built around normative sex categories” (Conley). This basically means that every one is born biologically different (male or female), but what we make of those differences defines ones gender. Those differences don’t arise biologically. Humans live their lives based on norms, and when someone new is born we immediately try to program those norms into that child, depending if that child is a boy or girl. Gender doesn 't always follow one path for one persons entire life. That given person might feel the need to change his or her gender to fulfill his or her desires as a person, which is generally looked down upon by society as being wrong and immoral (depending on how open-minded you are). An example would be the situation with Caitlyn Jenner, who used to be known as Bruce Jenner (a world-renown American olympic athlete). He spent his childhood, teen years, and some of his adult life living as a male but then decided to change his gender to female because of what he, or she, felt as right. That change made national news and became a huge story, but…

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