Essay on Gender Schema And Socioeconomic Status

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My paper is going to focus on gender schema and socioeconomic status and how it effects education. It is imperative society’s stereotypical conception of gender roles be shifted towards and equitable principle in order to eliminate prejudice.
“Jayden say hello to Mrs. Carlson your dad’s boss”. My son looked up at me inquisitively and responded “But she’s not a boy”. I laughed and told him women can be bosses too just like men. Gender roles are taught to us unknowingly and without a second thought as we develop throughout are our lives. In spite of many woman taking on roles that men do now and vice versa the stigma that woman belong in the kitchen and men bring home the bacon still has a profound influence on the way we present roles to our children. Where did my 7 year old get the idea that only men can be a manger? I’m not entirely sure. Even in today’s child care system they teach the boys that they’re favorite colors are to be bold and dark like blues and blacks whereas the girls should be more interested in colors such as pink, purple, and red. Even I’ve had experiences where my son has stepped into my high heels and I darted over to tell him these are only for girls not boys. With that being said when he sees men dressed as women I have to teach him acceptance of others choices even though I didn’t when he was young. I do believe what a child is exposed to in their homes is a factor as well. If they are raised in a house hold where the father is the stay at home…

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