Gender Roles Through Society Len 's ' Gender Empowerment Doesn 't Mean Discrimination It Only Means Equality ``

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Gender Roles Through Society Len’s

“Gender empowerment doesn’t mean discrimination, it only means equality.” - Mohith Agadi

In today’s generation, children are exposed to many different things, as they are transforming into young adults. Some issues that the youth are dealing with are: drug useage, gun violence, stereotyping, and sexuality (transgender). All these topics have huge implication on adolescents. It is important for mothers to be involved in their children’s lives to prevent these negative influences. Being without parental roles in the home can affect all youth later in life. As a result of the lack of attention and discipline in the home children react in behaving badly in and outside the home. Some reasons why children are possibly having behavior problems are because mothers are having to work outside the home, traditionally women worked as housewives. Although, women have to take care of the home and work outside the home they do not have equal pay. Women in the workplace are working equally or more than men, but still gets treated differently. As a mother in the workplace there should be more benefits or at least equal pay. The changes in gender roles have affected society negatively through the absence of parental supervision in the household and the inequality in both genders.
As society changes, its gender roles often also change to meet the needs of the society. Research shows that both genetics and environment influence the development of gender…

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