Gender Roles : The Runner Ups Essay

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It is important not to partake in the Oppression Olympics because not only does it “divide and conquer” different oppressed groups, but it also detracts from the constructive conversations and issues that should be dealt with in regarding oppression of each group (162). Issues of gender include women playing roles as the runner ups by default because leadership positions are commonly overtaken by men. Women are also held at a double standard because they must assume masculine roles in order to be taken “seriously,” however face criticism and attacks at their character for being “bitchy” once they do so, or must not appear “too feminine” (164). Women’s behavior and appearance is often policed to be inferior, submissive, and compliant to the man, and even the idea of a “healthy adult” and a “healthy female” have two separate ideals, and often come in conflict with one another (165). This is while men are told they must be dominant and aggressive, in which all of these gender roles affect work performance, perpetuate stereotype threat, and contribute to negative self-worth. Stereotyping operates through descriptive means that include negative thoughts about women as being biologically, physically, psychologically, and cognitively inferior to men. Prescriptive ideas police how a woman should behave, believe, and feel, and have more damaging and permanent effects and punishments for those who defy these expectations (166). Although political reforms such as the 19th Amendment…

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