Essay on Gender Roles : The Media Influence Society

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Gender roles in the media influence society greatly. Media has the ability to portray genders in ways that they really do not act in real life and American society. Even with reality shows, individuals in the shows put on an act in a way to persuade the audience’s mind to keep them watching. For this assignment I chose to watch two different shows that were on ABC Family. I was quick to learn that the “family channel” is not so much for the family. Things such as sex, power, health, parenting, work, and relationships were portrayed in negative ways throughout all three shows that I watched. The shows I decided to watch were Chasing Life and Melissa & Joey. The intended audiences for both shows are young women and teenage girls (Wikipedia). Melissa & Joey runs in thirty minute segments on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m., therefore I watched two episodes of it. Chasing Life runs the duration of one hour and airs weekly on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. In Chasing Life, the main character’s name is April. April is in her early twenties and finds out that she has Leukemia and is therefore fighting for her life. Throughout the episodes, the audience can see how April’s life does not just revolve around her cancer but also see that April deals with issues such as family problems, bad relationships with men, and power in the work place. Meanwhile, the show Melissa & Joey is about a story of two people who end up falling in love with one another and getting married. Joey started out in…

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