Gender Roles : The Little Mermaid Essay

1180 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
Most children are exposed to ads and media multiple times on a daily basis. Seeing the ideas presented in these media forms over and over again has a big impact on how children’s social institutions are formed. In many ads and films targeted towards children there is strong gender differences. Boys are represented with the color blue and action, while girls are represented with pink, and have caring, supporting roles in most forms of media. Youth media impacts children’s understanding of their masculinity or femininity by placing stereotypes and gender roles in their heads that they are then pressured to abide by.
One example of gender stereotypes in media is present in disney 's The little mermaid. The representation of gender starts with the packaging of the film. In the first cover made for this film princess Ariel is sitting on a rock looking towards the ground with her hand on her chest. Prince Eric is crouching next to the rock trying to look into her eyes. This is giving off the message that girls need to be shy to be considered attractive, and that men should overwhelm them with happiness. It also shows that the man has to be the one in charge of conversation as he shows control by looking her in the eyes. In this film Ariel and Ursula reinforces gender social roles for women. Ursula tells Ariel through song in order to get her man she has to change herself, by becoming human. She also tells her that men do not like a girl who talks too much, and to use body language…

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