Gender Roles : The Horrible Expectation Essay

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Gender Roles: The Horrible Expectation(s) In today’s society, there is a stigma surrounding the views around, both, men, seen as the strong, manly guy who is the backbone of the family, and women, seen as the sexual object who is the stay-at-home mom and man’s servant. This stigma is gender roles, as along with societal expectations. In earlier centuries, this was the way of life, but now, things have changed to the point, where gender roles need to be a thing of past, since companies, like Target, has taken the initiative of removing them. Gender roles are unnecessary and should be distinguished because they create a bias opinion, cause discomfort and insecurity, and promote unfairness. Bias opinions, of men and women, are created by gender roles, along with, teaching children that certain behavioral patterns are unacceptable. Even though men and women are affected by societal standards, women are affected the most. Women are perceived as a “man’s servant.” They have to satisfy the man’s needs before theirs, which perceive most women as the “stay-at-home mom” (Bernardi). Along with being the “man’s servant” and “stay-at-home mom,” many women are seen as sexual objects, which can cause much controversy between woman’s rights and what society thinks a woman should be (Vlassoff). This controversy can create feministic groups, such as International Alliance of Women, who are trying to change the point of view that society on women. These groups believe that a woman has as…

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