Why Boys Don T Play With Dolls Analysis

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Compared, male and female genes are different in physical appearance, but, do these differences interfere in the work and sexual roles they take in their lives? Does this mean that women and men should play work tasks related to their own gender? Boys should play with trucks and toy guns, and on the other hand, girls play with dolls. But, why is this happening? Because of what our society has taught us throughout the years, and what seems to be correct, but, actually is not. Throughout their lives, parents taught their children about what the should and shouldn 't do. Katha Pollitt in, "Why Boys don 't play with Dolls," she says, "Instead of looking at kids to "prove" that differences in behavior by sex are innate, we can look at the …show more content…
And the kids, somehow, know this." (Page 2 Paragraph 7) But, really she doesn 't explain in very great detail. What we must be sure of, is that everyone has the question of why flexible sex roles, define the roles that children take in the future. Apart from all, Pollitt gives due support to her main argument, "Kids are not born religious, or polite, or kind, or reliable to remember Where They put Their sneakers." (Page 2 Paragraph 9) We all should agree with her point of view; everything children reflects on their lives, from behavior even the situation they live in, is influenced by their parents and all those around them. Something we all look if we go to a store of children as Toys "R" Us, is that everything is divided into sections by gender; on one side we see stereotyped toy guns for boys and in another we see dolls in the girls section. Before, the body strength of men took them as warriors, unlike women who were considered weak, and designated to be home to cook and care for children and take them to school. Men are generally stronger than women, however the roles each takes have been taught for generations and so has been adopted in teaching our

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