Essay Gender Roles, Religion, And Social Norms

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Given a list of aesthetic features such as, makeup, long hair, dresses and jewelry, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? If you pictured a female, you’re not alone. That’s because in many cultures, including our own, gender stereotypes are abundant. As a matter of fact, the majority of cultures around the world only recognize two genders: man or woman. Those individuals who deviate from these gender norms are sometimes considered to be social outcasts and are subject to discrimination and ridicule. But the reality stands that there are more than just two genders recognized among humans. Which leads to the argument that gender is not universal, and that it is just a social and or cultural construction. A brief analysis on social influences such as gender roles, religion, and social norms in _____ countries such as the United States and India shows how the concept gender is not universal, but rather, socially constructed.
As soon as baby is determined to be male or female, he or she is typically assigned one of two genders, either girl or boy. This is because often times gender and sexuality are lumped together, and although they are not completely independent of each other, they are actually two different concepts. This is typical in both the United States and India. These two genders are polarized by specific characteristics, which fall under the category of either masculine or feminine, and due to social influences such as gender roles, the individual is…

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