Gender Roles Past & Present Essay

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Danielle Weatherspoon
Professor Robertson
English 1102, Composition and Modern English II
30 March, 2014

Gender Roles Past & Present

Both Fences and Trifles are plays concerning the difficulties of interactions between men and women. Glaspell's Trifles uses a murder mystery to portray a soured relationship between a husband and wife. One of the difficulties is that men and women have different interests and therefore take significance from different things. "While the men importantly bumble about trying to discover a motive, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale solve the case right under their dull noses.” (3) Throughout Trifles you are shown how little things add up to big things when small unnoticed facts slip by the Sheriff, the
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Whatever the reality of their individual situations, women have been bound to the home by ideology, moral strictures, and idealized notions about motherhood and the family.”(1) A man's decision is usually the last word and is seldom discussed with his wife. In its totality the play is beginning to ask the question "Can't women make those tough decisions?" The discovery the two women make of Mrs. Wright's guilt and their decision not to share it with the men answers the posed question. Trifles is a perfect example of how little differences between the sexes lead to big gaps in communication with perilous ends. Like Trifles, Wilson's Fences centers on another strained relationship between a man and his wife. A few decades develop this relationship between man and women with more complexity. The man and woman of the late 20th century are more communicative. They joke and discuss things openly as the play depicts. This play focuses on the way that social barriers between men and women become more symbiotic yet still leave something to be desired. A man who has been married happily for several years is building a fence at his wife's request over the course of a year. In the play, Bono tells Troy that people need fences for different things. In the case of Troy and his Wife, Troy may see the fence as a way to keep his property separate from anyone else's' while Rose

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