Essay about Gender Roles Of Women And Women

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We often see being called a “pussy” seems to be the worst insult because you are being compared to a women. Women are being held back and losing opportunities simply because of the fact that they are female. We now have the Feminist Movement allowing families to have similar roles without being discriminated because of their sex. Feminism is society accepting the mindset that both genders can hold the same occupation without facing criticism because of our cultural norms. It is the elimination of gender roles because it withdraws the certain expectations that we are being categorized to live up to. Feminism movement was long overdue because oppression of women started from as far back as the 1400s where the only roles of females was to please men.
There were countless amount of paintings in the 1400s where the women in the painting was looking back at the spectators (men) to please them with her beautiful naked body. This was a start of a cultural norm where women were seen as a pleaser of men and family raisers. Gender roles play a huge part in how we are raising our kids. From an early age girls are conditioned to play with dolls and makeup while guys are given “manly toys” like trucks and cars. It is extremely difficult for childrens to grow up in a society where we assign roles based on sex, whether it be that boys are more athletics than girls or the common misconception that only females are able to nurture childrens. Once we are older those norms are engraved in us…

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