Gender Roles Of Women And Women Essay

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When a person is gendered they’re gender roles are reinforced by someone or something else. Gendering happens to every person all the time and is practically impossible to avoid. Gendering in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can become bad when it forces people into boxes that they do not want to be in. Constant gendering can also constrict a person’s ability to express their gender and it can harm their gender identity. An example of gendering is the separation of men’s and women’s clothes in stores. The separation of clothes and the type of clothes found in the stores reinforces the gender roles society assigns to men and women and therefore is genders people. Western Society, currently, only recognizes two genders, men and women, and therefore does not have gender roles for those who identify otherwise. The main way in which women are gendered is through their appearance. Women are expected to look nice and attractive to the public most, if not all, of the time. Men are not held to this standard of beauty and do not have to focus much time on their appearance. This leaves time for them to advance more in other aspects of their life. The desire women have for upholding their appearances goes beyond physical appearance, or beauty, and into public appearance, or how you present yourself to the public. In my gender journal I wrote about an experience in which I wanted to put on a good public appearance. There were prospective students on Monday and my coaches…

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