Gender Roles Of Women And Women Essays

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A gender role is what society considers is a normal or typical behavior based on their sex. The social norm in society for women is they take care of the cooking and cleaning in the household while having a caring attitude. The social norm in society for men is that they work and bring home the money while being strong, mentally and physically. Even though a higher amount of women are working and providing for their family, gender roles still do exist in today 's society because of the fact that men make more money than women, and women complete more chores than men.
Some advances for women in the past took place in politics, in the workplace, and in homes by around 1920. A development in politics that had a considerable impact on women was the right to vote. In 1920, the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote, was passed (Benner). Changes also occurred in the workplace. In the United States in 1930, one in four women held a paying job (Benner). While they were working during WWI, women were providing for their family while the men were away at war (Dipaolo). The women became accustomed to their daily routines of working, so they continued to work even when their husbands or boyfriends returned home (Dipaolo). Even though these women were working, they usually went back to staying at home when their husbands came back from the war.
New technologies have transformed the home life of countless families. Some of the advanced technologies, such as washing machines and…

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