Essay on Gender Roles Of Women And The Great Depression

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"Although women are seen as naturally fit at domestic work and are superb at being caretakers, their roles are devalued or not valued at all when compared with men 's work"(“Sexism”). The degrading of women caused by sexism has created a huge gap between men and women gender equality. The under-estimation of women gives men a superior image in gender roles. Women’s roles in the workforce is unacknowledged when it is compared to the work men do (“Sexism”). Since the Dust Bowl in the 1930 's, in the labor force, the role of women and their rights have vastly broadened and are continuing to improve in hopes that in the future gender equality is achieved to put an end to decades of oppression. Gender roles in the 1930’s, during the: Dust Bowl, the Great Migration, and the Great Depression has caused gender roles to shift in order for everyone to survive during economic turmoil. Although, it wasn’t necessarily in favor of women. The Great Migration caused many people to move in order to achieve a better greater status. Since there was a mass of poor people moving either up north or westward, in order to achieve a better life, gender roles changed because of the transition of moving to a new place far away from home. Women typically moved to urban regions to seek greater opportunities for employment while men tended to move to rural regions to find work. Women travelled north and stayed in women 's shelters to find greater economic opportunity. By moving north alone, the act…

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