Gender Roles Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare Essay

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In this world there are certain expectations that are precedent in society, such as the way men and women act. “Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare was a great play that will always be noted as one of the best tragedies of all time.The novel contains examples of gender performativity shown through Romeo and Juliet that sparks an interesting discussion. “Imitation and Gender Insubordination” by Judith Butler brings up a lot of debatable topics on gender and society.Judith Butler 's idea of performative gender and her theory of the roles of men and women in society are that they they should not be stereotyped. Her theory connects and in fact complements the idea of gender performance shown in the novel Romeo And Juliet and how characters should behave in their society and time period.
Despite its growing impact on social and cultural thought, queer theory which derives largely from an interplay of lesbian and gay studies, feminist theory and phenomenology seems to have made only a relatively limited impression so far on the ways in which we think about performative gender.Judith Butler’s essay is centered around the idea that gay people should not be placed into specific categories.She feels that it causes trouble in society and arises identity problems. She herself is a lesbian and criticizes the idea of peoples that rely on people having to proclaim themselves as gay or lesbian.But as we look specifically at gender performativity, Butler feels that People think that a…

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