Gender Roles Of Men And Women At A Young Age Essay

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between two people consists of many gender roles that are in place to reinforce heterosexuality. The society continues to naturalize heterosexuality, where rules such as, “who pays for the date or wedding rehearsal dinner to who leads while dancing, drives the car, cooks dinner or initiates sex” (Ingraham 304) are constantly in place. As a result, because nobody ever questions these rules, people are raised into believing that based on their gender, they have a specific role to fulfil and people who go against these norms are typically judged and looked at as “deviant” and “abnormal.” Moreover, women do not begin life wanting to become a bride or with a desire to date and men do not exit their mother’s “womb knowing they would one day need to buy a date a bunch of flowers or spend two months’ income to buy an engagement ring” (Ingraham 305). These beliefs are products put into the minds of men and women at a young age to promote heterosexuality. Once children start to believe that these are the things they are supposed to desire, they will go out and pursue what they are taught to want, such as dating or a white wedding. Ingraham focuses mainly on women and explains how they are expected to embody a certain type of feminine behaviour and follow a path to “heterosexual womanhood.” The institution of marriage works to commodify heterosexual ideals by producing a “variety of wedding toys, featuring the “classic” white wedding” (Ingraham 306). This ends up influencing women and…

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