Essay on Gender Roles Of Disney 's Cinderella

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Disney movies have entertained many kids and adults throughout the decades. Majority of Disney movies feature princesses who are usually dubbed “Disney Princesses” by many people. In each Disney Princess movie, it shows a representation of what society is, especially for women. Cinderella (1950) and Frozen (2013) both represented society as it did during that time. Princesses around Cinderella’s time were less independent and had typical gender roles for both men and women, while in the modern Disney movies, the princesses became more independent and do not have the typical gender roles such as a homemaker.
Gender roles in Disney’s Cinderella are different than today. Women in the mid-1900s were traditionally a stay-at-home mom or a homemaker while the men were the ones who had working jobs. In 1970, only about 41% of women stayed at home and did house chores (). Cinderella represents this mid-1900s gender role. She works in servitude to her step mother and step sisters, doing chores such as cooking, laundry, etc. On the other hand, men are represented as the adventurous and heroic ones. For example, in an early draft of Cinderella, there was a scene of the prince hunting a deer. However, the twist is that the deer was his friend, and it was all a friendly game (). Also, men in early Disney movies are usually the rescuers. In this case, the prince rescues Cinderella from her servitude by marrying her. This shows how majority of women are dependent on the men.
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