Zuit Suit Play Analysis

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The Last of the Mohicans, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the play Zuit Suit both have very different gender roles throughout. Except the fact that all three authors use something against women. Rather it be that they have no power, they are absent from the piece of literature, or they play a big role in the society but still get frowned upon. All three of these pieces look at women as lacking power or not allowed to acquire power. Women were looked at nothing else except a person who was not needed in that time.
The Last of the Mohicans, Cooper demonstrates women as ridiculous. The only thing a womans worth is for her power not her help. In the novel Cooper describes the two young ladies as complete opposites even though they are sisters. Alice is
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Stowe is more focused on women becoming public citizens and having a role in society, rather than like Cooper trying to make the ideal woman. When stowe wrote this book in the nineteenth century it was normal for women to stay at home and raise children,”O, ridiculous, Emily! You are the finest woman in Kentucky; but still haven’t sense to know that you don’t understand business;- women never do, and never can (Pg 372).” Women always wanted to help with many different things but the men would never let them, especially if it had to do with business. Once again going back to Cooper's novel the two girls, but particularly Alice, was the opposite of the women in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Stowe made the women in the novel wanting to help and showing their own power rather than the men having all the power throughout the story. Stowe argues that women should be able to shape their own morals and values. Women play a part in society according to Stowe by “mothers are the agents of power (Pg 162)”, because they raise their sons who one day are going to be a great successful man in the future. Stowe though gives women the power to shape the males in the novel but lacks the social standing of white males. Stowe never gives the chance to a white male to talk about his power, it is always the women talking about there power. Could this be a sign of early

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