Gender Roles In What Happened To Monday

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“Promise me...Don’t let them take them. Don’t let them take them,” pleas Monday as she bleeds out (What Happened to Monday). Throughout Tommy Wirkola’s film, What Happened to Monday, the eldest of septuplets, Monday, conforms to traditional gender stereotypes and roles. Sympathy for her future children and spending additional time perfecting her beauty, reinforces traditional stereotypes. Additionally, throughout the film, characters ocassionally try to break away from traditional gender roles.
Monday is one of seven septuplets raised by her grandfather, Terrence Settman. Her mother died during childbirth. Her childhood consisted of fear as political activist and renowned conservation biologist, Nicolette Cayman enforced a one child per family
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Terrence was there to save the day after his daughter died from giving birth. Typically, most families have mothers raise children and the father working. Although Terrence Settman breaks gender roles as he raises septuplets without a woman figure in the household, the character does not make an appearance after the first fifteen minutes. Essentially, this demonstrates the idea of men not being able to raise a family further reinforcing gender …show more content…
Unlike Adrian, Monday’s six sisters were not able to fight off bureau agents regardless of life-long training. Four of them died fighting, the film potrays the steterotype of women being weaker than man. This reinforces the gender sterotype of women relaying on men to win their battels as Adrian comes in to save the day. Wirkola’s What Happened to Monday presents an underlining message of women conforming to traditional roles and stereotypes with emphasis on putting family first on women and men being able to rescue someone in a time of need. Furthermore, the message of hard work not being enough for women comparing to men’s natural ability to suceed. This demonstrates a small representation of minimal progress in roles and stereotypes of women in

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