Gender Roles In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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In Nigeria the Igbo people have a rich culture that not everyone who isn’t familiar with it agree. In the novel Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe explains the importance of gender roles is in the Igbo community. While both genders are respected they are yet not seen equally. While men have a higher role and are expected to succeed from the day they are born women are seen more as the helping hand in the family. In today’s modern day, the gender roles for Igbo men and women has not yet changed much.

In Nigeria they are all sorts of different culture but for the Igbo people, gender plays a big role in their community. Men are superior and well respected, but in the Igbo culture their success is measured by the number of wives one
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Thier kids are given different roles that are expected to follow and kept busy with. Achebe states, “And so he feigned that he no longer cared for women stories. And when his did this he saw that his father was pleased and no longer rebuked him or beat him. So Nwoye and Ikemefuna would listen to Okonkwo stories about tribal wars, and now, years ago, he had staked his victims, overpowered him and obtained his first human head. And as he told them of the women to finish their looking”(Achebe 54). Nwoye being Okonkwo; a men of power and titles son is expected to succeed and grow up just like him and not like his grandfather. When Nwoye prefered to listen to his mother stories instead of his father 's he was punished by his father and later realized that he was doing wrong. Nwoye being the oldest son was expected to enjoy and learn from his father bloody, brave stories for men. If a women was seen doing a man 's job she would be corrected and reminded what her role is in the house. In the novel Things Fall Apart, the men of the house, Okonkwo, gives a good example toward his sons on how to be a successful, well respected men. On the other side, teach the women of the house how to treat her future husband and

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