Gender Roles In Sociology

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The Sociology Project.
Let me begin by stating that my experiment was meant to look at parents view of the basic gender roles which were divided as so; Female and male (or girls and boys if you would prefer). For females the confines of gender roles include, cooking, cleaning, sewing, babies, and the color pink; whereas the boy’s gender role includes: working, basic car maintenance, yard work, superheroes, beards, and a data base like knowledge of sports. Now while slightly outdated these standards still hold to be the basis for gender roles today. Although we are in a world filled with feminist and gender role bashing movements these stereotypes are still only slowly and steadily coming to a close. It may come to a surprise that
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Yet after about half an hour of watching people walk passed the scene with different degrees of varying facial expressions my curiosity kicked in and I ended up asking 11 people different questions out of the top of my head related to the scene they had just passed. I set up my experiment on a Friday afternoon and a Saturday afternoon at the Grand traverse malls adjacent target. On the Friday afternoon I had set up my oldest nephew with my older sister (his mother) and a Disney Descendents doll. The second day (Saturday) I set up the same scene in the same place, and same doll with my other nephew and my older …show more content…
I desperately hoped that we were a society raised in a culture that was accepting and understanding enough that we no longer had to cling onto gender roles. I would have been unmoved and understanding if I had found the subjects to be outspoken about their points of view and way of thinking. To correctly try to measure my findings I had to make a reaction scale. It went on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being social inattendance and a ten being a loud, physical show of their agreement or disagreement of the scene. More than that I would have understood and respected it. On the same subject the worst part was that the majority of by passers just gave agreeing looks or looks of what appeared to be malice. While I only got the chance to talk to about four of the by passers who gave looks the result seemed to be the along the lines of saying that it wasn’t their place to say what they thought. Although the entire scene had been happening in broad daylight in a public place they still had found the excuse to say that they had felt it was not their business. There was one brunette mother of two who had said that “it was none of my business how he raises his kid, I wouldn’t want no one telling me how to raise my girls” who I got a word with while she was exiting the

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