Essay On Gender Roles In The Great Gatsby

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When I was a child, my eldest brother Mr. Mahmud Ullah, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka, told me to read lots of books, and to be an inquisitive learner. His speech impressed me a lot, and I spent some of my best days in reading books, especially of literature. I had gone through the texts of the modernist writers, i.e. Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, and David Herbert Lawrence as a consequence of my reading. Finding their writings very intriguing relating to class, gender, and race, feminism, and sexuality, I want to explore their (Fitzgerald, Woolf, and Lawrence) literary works, one text of each in-depth for a comparative study to pursue my MA thesis program, then a Ph.D. in a relevant area, and …show more content…
So my proposed topic is “Gender Roles and Sexual Identity in The Great Gatsby, Mrs Dalloway, and Sons and Lovers”. In general reading, male domination, class, illicit affair, sexual dissatisfaction and desire, mysterious behavior, infidelity, etc. are found in The Great Gatsby; and Lovers; self, gender, femininity, the inadequacy of traditional gender roles, madness, sexual repression, representation of female characters, etc. found in Mrs Dalloway; and feminine domination, hegemonic masculinity, the phallic imagination, affair, etc. found in Sons and Lovers – all are associated with my proposed topic. My research will examine the way how gender role becomes very important for the class, relationship, and feminism, which ultimately lead to the sexuality in variations and make us very interested to know the characters’ true sexual identity of each text. I feel the critical strengths and areas of expertise of the U of S English faculty would especially suit and facilitate my proposed area of

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