Gender Roles In Music

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The historically patriarchal structures in society have created many problematic ideologies in regards to gender roles. Although there have been many advancements leveling out the inequalities amongst men and women, there are still many stigmas, stereotypes and expectations instilled in society that play a major role in the lives of individuals today. Many forms of media display these inequalities and stereotypes, such as television shows, movies and books. Another channel of misrepresentation is through music. Hip-hop and rap music videos support a misogynistic culture that degrade women and support the defamation of women. Music videos aid in making songs of artists more visual and understanding for listeners. It could be assumed that music videos should support the interests of fans and the songs should …show more content…
Women simply remain the object of sexual desire, the selling point, and the figures on exhibition. Music plays a significant role in our lives, with nearly 70% of people age 13 and older actively listening to music at least once a day and 90% of people actively listening to music at least several times a week (Bakula, 2012).” This statement is very true everyone listens to music from all generations, we all see the videos, and yes sex does sell. In the industry they get as close as possible to naked as they can and it brings viewers, buyers, and entertainment but at the same time it still discriminates against the females race and misrepresent them. During this course we did a discussion bored on five words that describe female positively and negatively, and when you watch these videos that is where all the negative stigma and words come out about females because they are shown as not respecting

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