Marge Piercy's Woman On The Edge Of Time

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Feminist science fiction emerged as a prominent sub-genre of science fiction at the early of the twentieth century. It deals mainly with women’s role in society. Science fiction has paved the way for female writers to present their actual subjects of sex and gender roles by exploring alternative prototypes for future societies with different beliefs and ideas. For most of these women writers, science fiction has become a very fitting tool for deliberating such taboo topics. Women writers engraved utopian and dystopian works that challenge the patriarchal world.
Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time (1976) focuses on the presence of the feminist science fiction in America in the 1970s that has become a sub-genre of science fiction. Piercy offerings two possible futures for the central character in the novel where both utopia and dystopia are present. She introduces
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Since the job of any author is to mirror what happens in society, Piercy presents the American society in a way that highlights the shortcomings and weaknesses of the society. The novel is a straight attack on the brutality of the American social, political, and economic systems. The core of the novel is to represent the real picture of repression in the American society. It also explores the social and political problems of the American society and compares them to a possible society in the future. The political and social systems reflect the terrible effects of American capitalism upon people and society as reported by Tom Moylan (1986), “The opposition to contemporary capitalism and the hierarchical state is no longer to be found limited to that of a single vanguard party or, at the other pole, an expression of pure negation and terror” (27). During the period from the late 1960s to early 1970s, there was a turbulent time that, according to Moylan, “significantly awakened subversive Utopianism”

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