Gender Roles In Ancient Africa Essay

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When one thinks of gender roles, we think of men being higher than women. Men having all the power and making the money while the women having no right to anything. Nonetheless, it’s been stated that Egyptian women held a high status compared with women in much of the rest of the ancient world. In Ancient Africa, the roles of women were very much different and better than the rest of the women in other societies. However, they also had specific roles that was essential for any women. These included reasonability of taking care of their children and educating them and also doing work around the household. The roles of both men and women were different but at the same time they were somewhat equal in different aspects like in marriage, social, …show more content…
Typically, they would marry a man in their social class and work for their social class. However, like stated before “Africa was superior to many other cultures around the world.” (Nweke) So, this meant that women also held public office, served as priests and operated businesses. (Hine 6) According to Ancient Africa: Women and Inequality, in west Africa there were armies of female warriors that were known as the Amazons. Now, that is definitely not something that other societies would have. These women had special skills and were fearless when it came to …show more content…
Men were the only ones who were allowed to be in charge and they had control over women. However, in Ancient Africa this was more different than the usual thought of “only men can be in power.” In Ancient Africa there were many women that were pharaohs. Examples of these women pharaohs were Cleopatra and Ahmose-Nefertari. Hatshepsut was a women pharaoh who reigned for 20 years. (Hine 6) They were respected and were cherished by all the people of her society. Not many other societies in Ancient history did they have a woman as one of the “higher people” because they believed women were made to be in a household and doing chores.
Ancient African women also were known as the key food producers. This meant that they were responsible for going out and getting food for the family. Although this seems like a chore, women were allowed to have a job and make this happen. These women had access to land and they also had the authority of how the land was to be used and cultivated. (African American Culture) This also gained women more respect by people because being able to produce and process food really showed the value of the rights that women had in the domestic and other

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