Gender Roles : Heroism And Heroism Essay

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Gender Roles in Heroism Heroism is a concept found throughout all cultures. Throughout each culture its defining characteristic remains the same, bravery. Other characteristics of heroism change depending on what time period or culture is being referenced. Although the modern concept of heroism incompasses traits both men and women can carry, in Ancient Greece the concept of heroism was divided by gender, changing the defining factors of a hero for each gender. While courageousness can be exhibited in many different ways, Ancient Greece emphasized bravery in battle. Men of great strength and strategy both on and off the battlefield were considered heroic. A great example of heroism in Ancient Greece is Odysseus from The Odyssey. Odysseus was very strong and skilled fighter, but he was also very clever. He is described as, “a hard, man, Odysseus. [His] force is greater, [his] limbs never wear out. [He] must be made all of iron” (Homer). This quote describes his great strength and a contributing quality to his heroism. The greeks believed him to be a great man due to his strength, but also to his intelligence. He was, “known before all men for the study of crafty designs” (Homer). Often described as cunning and resourceful. Odysseus was known as the model hero, and created guidelines for heroism as a man in Ancient Greece,
Most of the woman featured in The Odyssey are displayed as monstrous distractions. Sexuality is often shown as a weapon, and woman as the obstacles…

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