Essay on Gender Roles Have Changed A Lot From Shakespeare 's Time

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Gender Roles have changed a lot from Shakespeare 's time. Today 's women are achieving more in education. They are finding jobs and working full time or part time. Some evening being the breadwinners in their family. Many women are striving for a high paying career where as men and boys are less interested in school to show off masculinity.

Women and girls are achieving more than boys in education and careers., where as before not many had an education and their main goal was to stay at home and work. To take care to things at home or take care of the child. An except from “As gender roles change, are men out of step?” shows us that “70% of valedictorians today are girls: it 's about jobs.” women today are striving for more in education and out doing the boys in terms of grades and jobs. The economy has become “a knowledged-based economy.” This means that women are going to be finding better jobs than men because they achieved more in school and employers are looking for smart people. On the contrary boys are now finding that “academic disengagement is a sign of masculinity.” The gender roles have changed due to the fact that girls are achieving more in education whereas men are not because they think it’s cool to be less interested in school. The men and boys who do this are getting…

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