Gender Roles Have A Profound Effect On Gender Stereotypes Essay

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In today’s society, gender roles have a profound effect on gender stereotypes in the media. Research has indicated that these stereotypes can create dangerous consequences that can limit a person’s full potential and well-being (Srichand,2015). Gender roles are expectations regarding proper values, behaviors, attitudes, motives, and activities of males and females (Schaefer, 2010). Children are constantly being barraged by messages that reflect the society’s expectations of gender. Screen media have become the norm in many socities. It could alter childhood development they are continuously exposed to various types of media during school and at home. More specifically, it could influence a child’s understanding of gender roles or stereotypes and potentelially impact their own gender identity.
Before television was introduced in the 1950’s, children learned directly from observing or modeling parents, relatives, older siblings or peers (Singer,2001). Since then technology has advanced significantly and children now have access to a wide range of medias. It is estimated that school-aged children are consumed by television and spend approximately 3 hours watching television programs (Singer,2001). According to the Journal of Children and Media, children 's television programming provides young viewers with characters displaying behaviors and individual traits that may promote or counter gender stereotypical expectations (Henteges,B. & Case K., 2013). Given…

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