Essay on Gender Roles : Hansberry 's A Raisin

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Gender roles are undeniably a fundamental topic in literature, particularly since expected gender roles have evolved in recent years. More importantly these gender expectations indicate the possibility for transformation and increasing liberation in society. History explores many different stages for the sexes and their roles, from traditional anti-feminist times in which certain roles were strictly enforced, to more modern beliefs encouraging free will and a lack of restrictions. In spite of this progress, there are always those who promote the process while there are others that oppose the development from occurring, even when it is necessary. Literary works in particular serve as a showcase for the progression of gender roles, but also reveal that through time certain elements remain consistent. Lorraine Hansberry wrote plays that posed a threat to traditional gender roles. Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun (1959), deals with characters that attempt to break commonplace gender and racial stereotypes that exist even today. So we see that the timelessness of the play has not diminished. In this play, the young woman, Beneatha, is relentless in her efforts to attend medical school and become a successful doctor. Not only is she crossing gender boundaries by desiring a respectable occupation, but Beneatha is also rising above expectations of her race by her wanting to acquire a higher education even during a time of unequal rights. Even though she is brutally told to do…

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