Essay on Gender Roles From A Young Age

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According to, gender roles refers to the behaviours, attitudes, and activities expected or common for males and females. Many children learn gender roles from a very young age. In many cases they are taught by parents and family, religion and additional sources like the media and distinct for every culture. The gender stereotypes are pertinent to personality traits, domestic behaviours, occupations and physical appearance. For example, women are often expected to be weak and graceful while men are supposed to be self-confident and aggressive. Also, when it comes to physical appearances, females need to be small and well put together while men are tall and broad-shouldered. Similarly when people say “act like a girl”, they associate certain traits to that type of behaviour. Those certain traits could be: dependant, emotional, quiet, innocent or weak. When males are told to “be a man”, they refer to traits like independent, tough, aggressive, competitive, etc. The movie She’s The Man in particular focuses on gender roles that are seen in the American culture. First, the protagonist, Viola is considered a ‘Tomboy’ because she is the captain of the girls’ soccer team, wears clothes that are not very flattering and is very out-spoken. The way she behaves is the complete opposite of what a conventional female protagonist would be like. When Viola breaks up with her boyfriend Justin over an argument about soccer he tells her “to be a girl for five seconds”. According…

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